We deal with tiles, doors, kitchens and surface components that we source from and trade with meticulously handpicked establishments in Italy and Spain.
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GoSpace has scoured several enterprises through Europe, thoroughly evaluating the strengths and products of each company, to handpick those better than the best.
GoSpace is proud to be partner for STN Ceramica in India, and happy to bring a world-class product to match your design and quality needs.
STN, Spain

To fulfill the luxury tile requirement in the current Indian real-estate market, we have chosen the esteemed establishment STN Ceramica from Spain.

STN Ceramica is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, based in Castello, Spain, with a history and expertise in ceramic tiles spanning over 30 years.

From a 32-worker, 60,000sqm company to a sprawling 200,000sqm firm with 225 capable professionals churning out close to 34,000,000sqm of ceramic products a year, STN Ceramica has built an unbreakable reputation in the ceramic tile industry throughout the world.

STN Ceramica today specializes in stoneware, porcelain and ceramic wall and floor tiles, and prides itself on being one of the only company in the world that offers a 208x20” tile size.

The catalogue today includes several different products for glazed porcelain tiles, glazed thick floor tiles, and gres tiles for walls and floors, across brands, sizes, colours, prints and usage. The incorporation of digital printing technology “Styljet” into their production line has raised the bar in tile printing and quality across the world.

Gospace sources from the best brands in Europe, with a meticulous selection process that aims at providing the best of luxury to meet the demands of the Indian real estate market.
After careful evaluation, we have selected the brands Garofoli from Italy and Castella from Spain to provide some of the best doors and fixtures in construction.

The Garofoli Group, based in Ancona, Italy, established in 1968, has built its reputation for quality door products through expert production processes and passionate craftsmanship. Combining the best of Italian aesthetic and know-how, their products reflect the value of a “Made in Italy” design.

Specialising in solid wood, lacquered, aluminium and security doors, boiserie paneling, parquet, walk-in closets and accessories, Garofoli offers 400 types of doors, each customizable in a number of versions and colours to suit even the most exacting requirement.


In partnering with Castalla Doors from Spain, we have discovered a company that prides itself on providing quality that is backed by research, a constant quest for creating products that evoke emotion.

Doors, being such an intrinsic part of any construction project, require the expert touch. Castalla Doors provide this expertise with one of the largest product ranges in the market, including doors, wardrobes, dressing-rooms and furniture. Based in Alicante, Spain, Castalla Doors prides itself on a product range that is environment-conscious. An experienced design team supports the vision of the company, focusing on a perfect combination of design and functionality.

GoSpace seeks to fill an important gap in the Indian real estate market by sourcing and providing luxury construction components to enhance value and a feel-good factor in all construction projects.
GoSpace is enthusiastic and proud to bring you the Gama-Décor range by Porcelanosa, a handpicked kitchen series that is guaranteed to delight your clients.

For kitchen spaces, one of the highlights of any home or office, we have chosen the Porcelanosa Group from Spain for their dedication to high-end product development, seeped in innovation and quality.

Porcelanosa Group is a reference today in global markets owing to their 40 year history in building state-of-the-art kitchen and bathroom spaces around the world. Founded in 1987, the group now benefits from the expertise of 500 skilled professionals, based in a 125,000sqm facility in Castellon, Spain. Certified with an ISO 14001:2004 qualification in international environment and quality standards, Procelanosa prides itself on its high product quality owing to a process ensures quality-checks at every stage of production.

GoSpace was an idea built from a need for innovation and quality product sourcing for today’s client-centric real estate market in India. Common areas in a typical housing or office project has become an inherent part of the design and functionality of the space.
GoSpace is always on the look-out for components and products that add value to our clients, and in turn, your customers. We are happy to bring you Faus, a laminate wooden flooring product that will bring colour and durability to your construction projects.

From Gandia in Valencia, Spain, GoSpace brings you FAUS, a unique laminate wooden flooring solution. The FAUS wood collection includes two distinct look-books, Tempo and Syncro, each with its own advantages. The single-plank designs, available in different widths, combined with Realfeel technology for the most realistic look, and Jointguard, a protected bevel, is guaranteed to enhance the aura of any interior design.